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THE LATEST NEWS ON THE WEB: Check out our latest technical report, assessing the communities of spiders that inhabit dune lakes in the Waikato region. There were over 37 species found across 3 lakes, identified using unique DNA "barcodes" which are different in each species!

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CAN I SWIM HERE? Waikato Regional Council measures water quality at many of our region's rivers and streams. At some spots, our ratings will now be different from the Government's .

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HAMILTON BY-ELECTION: A by-election for one seat in the Hamilton general constituency is being held in 2017 to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Lois Livingston in November 2016. Voting documents, including a freepost envelope, will be sent to all eligible voters by post on 20 March 2017.

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BEACHED AS: Find out about water quality at our region's most popular beaches. 

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HAVE YOUR SAY ON PLAN CHANGE 1: We're proposing some changes to our regional plan, to address water quality issues in the Waipā and Waikato rivers. Find out more, and have your say!

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SPREAD THE WORD, NOT THE WEED: The nasty pest plant velvetleaf is easiest to spot now. Found it? Move fast before it seeds and spreads.

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BEAT THE WAVE: If there's a tsunami event, it's important to evacuate if you're in an area at risk. 
But how will you know if you're in one of those areas? 

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