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HAMILTON GENERAL CONSTITUENCY BY-ELECTION: A by-election for one seat in the Hamilton constituency is being held in 2017 to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Lois Livingston in November 2016. Nominations open at 8.30am on Monday 16 January 2017. Find out more about this by-election here.


Keep up to date with the latest information from Waikato Civil Defence. 

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BEACHED AS: Find out about water quality at our region's most popular beaches. 

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HAVE YOUR SAY ON PLAN CHANGE 1: We're proposing some changes to our regional plan, to address water quality issues in the Waipā and Waikato rivers. Find out more, and have your say!

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BEAT THE WAVE: If there's a tsunami event, it's important to evacuate if you're in an area at risk. 
But how will you know if you're in one of those areas? 

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RATE IT: Find out how your rates help fund our work, and how you can pay them.

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SAY HOW YOU FEEL: If you've got any feedback about our work or service, please let us know!

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GET CONSENT: Information about for and consents, including application forms.

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LAWA: connects you with New Zealand's environment through sharing scientific data.

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BUZZ OFF! Got a waspy problem? Our factsheet will help you control the buzzy beasties!

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BULLY BIRDS: Magpies can be pretty mean! Find out why they're such bullies, and what you can do about them. 

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