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Scenes of the Waikato region
Healthy Rivers

HAVE YOUR SAY ON PLAN CHANGE 1: We're proposing some changes to our regional plan, to address water quality issues in the Waipā and Waikato rivers. Find out more, and have your say!

Council 2016-2019

YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Elections are over, and there's a mix of familiar and new faces round the Council table. Find out who'll be making the big decisions on your behalf, for the next three years. They're raring to go!


RATE IT: Find out how your rates help fund our work, and how you can pay them.

Swooping magpies

BULLY BIRDS: Magpies can be pretty mean! Find out why they're such bullies, and what you can do about them. 

Rivers and rainfall

Check local river flows: We update river flow and rainfall level info every 3 hours, and sometimes more often if it's flooding.


BUZZ OFF! Got a waspy problem? Our factsheet will help you control the buzzy beasties!

Media releases

Keep up with the news: All our current and past media releases can be found here.

Resource consents

Read about resource consents: Information about for and consents, including application forms.


Subscribe for updates: You can choose to be notified every time we add or update information to selected areas on this website.

Feedback and complaints

Tell us what you think: If you've got any feedback about our work or service, please let us know!


LAWA: connects you with New Zealand's environment through sharing scientific data. 

Apply for funding

Apply for funding: The Natural Heritage Fund was established to protect and manage our region's special places of ecological significance. See if your project qualifies for funding!

Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund

Apply for funding: The Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund supports volunteer groups and individual landowners with ecological restoration projects. See if your project qualifies!