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PLAN CHANGE 1 SUBMISSIONS HAVE CLOSED: We're proposing some changes to our regional plan, to address water quality issues in the Waipā and Waikato rivers. The public submission period has now finished

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PLANT AND ANIMAL PESTS: Find out more about controlling pests in our region. Pictured above, the nasty pest plant velvetleaf is easiest to spot now. Found it? Move fast before it seeds and spreads.

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PLANTING, WATERWAYS AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT: Learn more about funding for planting projects, and take a look at our guidelines and rules around waterway management.

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FARM MENUS: Find out how to improve nutrient management and reduce impacts on water quality.

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NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT: See the rules and guidelines around nitrogen leaching and fertilisers. 

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EFFLUENT MANAGEMENT: Find out more about applying effluent to land and see the FAQs.

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SOIL MANAGEMENT AND EROSION CONTROL: Find out why soil quality is so important for farms.

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FARM WASTE: Learn about proper agrichemical disposal and our rules around waste.

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WATER TAKES:  Find out all you need to know about taking water for farming purposes.

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FORESTRY: Find out more about the Afforestation Grant Scheme and forestry guidelines.

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LAKE TAUPŌ CATCHMENT: Learn more about our strategy to protect Lake Taupō.

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KEY CONTACTS: Use this A to Z guide to point you in the right direction for help and advice. 

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NEWS, EVENTS AND PUBLICATIONS: See what's happening around the region.

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