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natural resources natural resources

NATURAL RESOURCES: Learn more about our natural resources in the Waikato region.

waterquality3.png waterquality3.png

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Learn more about our environmental indicators.

groundwater map3 groundwater map3

REAL TIME MONITORING INFORMATION: Find out more about the live data we monitor.

lake taupo lake taupo

WATER: Learn about our water in our region's rivers and streams, lakes, wetlands and underground sources.

tui.jpg tui.jpg

BIODIVERSITY: Find out about the Waikato region’s precious natural areas, native plants and animals.

pest2.jpg pest2.jpg

BIOSECURITY: Waikato Regional Council's biosecurity group manages and controls plant and animal pests.

waste blurred waste blurred

WASTE: Find out more about waste issues, including recycling, proper disposal of hazardous substances and contaminated sites.

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FUNDING AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Find out more about the funds and scholarships available from Waikato Regional Council. 

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