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Regional Coastal Plan (RCP)
The RCP contains policy and methods to manage the allocation and use of resources across the coastal marine area (CMA) of the Waikato region.

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Navigation Safety Bylaw
The bylaw covers all navigable waterways in the Waikato region (with the exception of Lake Taupo) and is aimed at ensuring the safety of users on these waterways.

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Regional Policy Statement (RPS)
The RPS provides an overview of resource management issues in the Waikato region. It provides policies and a range of methods to achieve integrated management of the region's natural and physical resources.

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Hauraki Gulf Forum
The Haurkai Gulf Forum is constituted under the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 and works to integrate management across the gulf and its catchments.

sea change
Sea Change
A spatial plan to ensure the Hauraki Gulf, which includes both sides of the Coromandel Peninsula, is a healthy, productive and sustainable resource for all users.