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Integrated catchment management plans (district)

Integrated Catchment Management Plan (ICMPs) help councils make better decisions about land use, water resources and infrastructure.

ICMPs will ensure water, stormwater and wastewater are planned, developed and managed in a way that supports growth, while making sure the impacts on our infrastructure networks, gullies, streams and river are understood and managed.  Application of ICMPs also ensure stormwater activities will be consistent with national and  regional policies, rules and comprehensive stormwater discharge consents.  

Mangaheka Integrated Catchment Management Plan

The greater Mangaheka catchment covers an area of approximately 2,080ha with around 86 per cent of the catchment (the “lower catchment”) within the Waikato District Council boundaries and the remaining 14 per cent (the “upper catchment”) within Hamilton City Council boundaries. 

This ICMP provides guidance on how stormwater, wastewater and water supply need to be managed considering future land use in the Mangaheka catchment, specifically the impacts from urbanisation. 

Mangaheka Integrated Catchment Management Plan [PDF, 19 MB]

Otama-ngenge Integrated Catchment Management Plan

This 822 hectare catchment is part of both Waikato District Council and Hamilton City Council’s territories within the Waikato region.

This ICMP predominantly focuses on managing the effects of urban development in Hamilton City Council’s jurisdiction; however some best practicable options also extend into Waikato District territory and should be considered when developing this area.

Otama-ngenge Integrated Catchment Management Plan [PDF, 18 MB]

Rotokauri Integrated Catchment Management Plan

The Rotokauri Catchment is approximately 788 hectares in area, located in the north-western area of Hamilton City.

The Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park is located in the upper headwaters of the southern area of the catchment. The park is named after Lake Waiwhakareke which drains from the catchment via a highly modified stream known as the ‘Rotokauri Drain’. The Rotokauri Drain forms the single main outlet to this part of the catchment, passing beneath Exelby Road prior to entering Lake Rotokauri. Beyond this point, the Ohote Stream forms the outlet to the lake and drains to the Waipa River, which in turn drains to the Waikato River where they meet at Ngaruawahia.

The northern area of the catchment drains directly to the Ohote Stream.

The catchment overall is highly valued for its existing natural areas and several agencies are proactively engaged in restoring the two lakes and surrounding sub-catchment areas.

This ICMP provides a guide for stormwater, wastewater and water management and provides a framework to allow property development to occur in a managed way. It also ensures this management fits with long term plans for the area. ​

Rotokauri Integrated Catchment Management Plan [PDF, 29 MB]

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