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NAVIGATION SAFETY BYLAW: Find out more about the bylaw, which covers all navigable waterways in the Waikato region.

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CONTACT THE MARITIME SERVICES TEAM: Find out the ways you can contact us.

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REPORT AN ACCIDENT OR INCIDENT: Report a maritime accident online at

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MARINEMATE: Check out the MarineMate app, available for free on Apple and Android.

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EVENTS ON WATERWAYS: If you're holding an event on a Waikato waterway, apply here.

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JET SKI REGISTRATION: All jet skis must be registered - find out more about jet ski registration in the Waikato region here.

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MOORINGS FOR SALE OR RENT: Browse the listings, or ask us to list your mooring.

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MOORINGS: Need a boat mooring? You'll need a resource consent for it, too! Find out more.

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COURSES AND TRAINING INFORMATION: Find out more about the available courses.

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LIFEJACKETS: Learn more about the rules around wearing a lifejacket, how to look after them, and how to get a perfect fit.

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KAYAKING: Find out how to stay safe while kayaking out on the water.

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HARBOURMARKS: Learn about the different harbourmarks you might see out on the water, and what they mean.

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PUBLICATIONS: Take a look at our navigation safety publications and technical reports.

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BAR CROSSINGS: Take a look at our instructional videos, showing you the key steps to make a safe bar crossing.

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NAVIGATION HAZARDS: Find out about areas that have been identified as possible hazards.

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VESSEL SPEEDS: Learn more about the 5 knot rule for the Waikato region, and where it applies.

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VESSEL LIGHTS: Out at night? Show a light! Learn more about vessel lighting requirements here.

Maritime waterproof communications Maritime waterproof communications

WATERPROOF COMMUNICATIONSIf you can't be heard, you can't be helped. Take a look at your communications options here.

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BOAT NAMING: Check out the guidelines for vessel identification, from kayaks through to powerboats.

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STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDING: Learn more about the safety rules around paddle boarding.

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SAFETY EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST: Make sure you have these, just in case things don’t go to plan.

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