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Environmental education and learning

  • New Zealand Association for Environmental Education: The New Zealand Association for Environmental Education is a national, non-profit organisation that promotes and supports lifelong learning and encourages behaviours that lead to sustainability for New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Protecting animal, bird and plant life

  • Kiwi Conservation Club: For over 20 years, Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) has been teaching kiwi kids about New Zealand’s amazing wildlife and wild places.
  • Kakapo Recovery: Kākāpō have inhabited New Zealand for thousands of years but, with the arrival of humans and introduced predators, their once abundant numbers rapidly declined. Find out more about the recovery efforts here.

  • The New Zealand Antarctic Institute: See the education and outreach resources, inspiring people to connect with Antarctica through knowledge & collaboration.

  • Waikato Biodiversity Forum: This site contains information on biodiversity in the Waikato region. For example, maps of special species and posters of the ecosystems in the Waikato region.
  • Trees for SurvivalTrees for Survival is an environmental education programme which involves young people growing and planting native trees to restore natural habitats by helping landowners revegetate erosion prone land, improve stream flow and water quality and increase biodiversity.

Waste, recycling and sustainable living


Also ...

Check out these sites for general information about our environment:


Funding and assistance

Find out about funding and other forms of assistance for environmental initiatives at:

  • Environmental Initiatives Fund: Waikato Regional Council's Environmental Initiatives Fund (EIF) is funded through the natural heritage targeted rate and provides one-off grants to community group projects.