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  Website hints and help

Website hints and help

Main features

  • Click on the Menu link at the top of the page to find the main index menu.
  • Click on the Waikato Regional Council logo in the top left of the web page to return home.
  • Use the breadcrumb trail located towards the top of the page to see where you are within the website.
  • Search for information in the search box.
  • Select File >> Print to print a printer-friendly version of the web page.
  • Use the Contact us link at the top of every page to send us a webform with an enquiry.

We’ve recently changed our website which means we've got some great new features! However, you might also notice a few little things not working quite as they used to.

Broken links

We're often updating our website, and streamlining/refining content.  Some updates also take a while to get picked up by the Google search crawl. This will sometimes create broken links - either from a referring internal page on our site that hasn't been updated with the newest content, or if you've bookmarked favourite links and pages.

What can you do?

  • Website search tool: use our website search tool to search for the topic or page title you're look for - You can find the search toolbar by clicking on this icon in the top right hand corner of every page. 
  • Follow the pathway: if the web link you are using isn't working, it's likely to only be due to a few small changes. You can try to manually navigate to the page you're looking for by following our main menu bars and using the navigation menus inside each section. 
  • DIY: The most common reason that you might get "page not found" errors might simply be because there are too many dashes. Take a look at the web link and remove all the double and triple dashes i.e. "--" and "---" so that there are only single dashes. The same goes with replacing underscores i.e. "_" with dashes as well!


If you're still having trouble locating pages, navigating around the website, or using any of our tools, please contact us(external link).


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