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  Environment » Natural Resources » Water » Rivers » Our other rivers » Water quality monitoring map - all rivers and streams » Karapiro Stream at Hickey Rd Bridge

Karapiro Stream at Hickey Rd Bridge



Waikato Regional Council says it's not OK.


 Ministry for the Environment says it's not OK.

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The graphs below show the average results of Waikato Regional Council's monitoring at this site.

We measure a range of factors, such as water clarity, temperature, oxygen levels and levels of contaminants and chemicals. We use these to provide an overall picture as to whether a site is excellent, satisfactory or unsatisfactory for:

  • swimming (people can fully immerse themselves in the water)
  • ecology (supporting plants and animals that live in water).

Remember there are many other factors that affect safety for swimming, including access and flow rates. Our monitoring reports do not include or provide advice on these.

Swimming icon Graph: swimming data
Ecology icon Graph: ecology data

Our graph data is based on samples collected during the period 2013-17. Please contact us if you'd like more information on this data(external link).

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