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Rules and regulation

Healthy Environments546x279Regional plan review
A project is now underway to review the Regional Coastal and Regional plan. Ultimately, the  two plans will be combined and replaced by one: The Waikato Resource Management Plan.

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Waikato Regional Plan (WRP)
The WRP contains policy, methods and rules to manage the natural and physical resources of the Waikato region.

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Regional Coastal Plan (RCP)
The RCP contains policy and methods to manage the allocation and use of resources across the coastal marine area (CMA) of the Waikato region.

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National directions and national planning standards
This section has tools that have been implemented under the RMA to direct how the Act should be administered and applied. The tools covered are national environmental standards, national policy statements and the new national planning standards.

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Navigation Safety Bylaw
The bylaw covers all navigable waterways in the Waikato region (with the exception of Lake Taupo) and is aimed at ensuring the safety of users on these waterways.

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Water allocation variation (V6)
This variation to the Waikato Regional Plan aims to manage the allocation and use of freshwater over all of the Waikato region.

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Protecting Lake Taupo
The Protecting Lake Taupo strategy aims to protect Lake Taupo and Taupo's community and economy.

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Air quality strategy
The air quality strategy aims to acheive air quality in the Waikato region that supports healthy people and a healthy economy.

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Permitted activity guides
These guides explain how the Waikato Regional Plan rules apply to general farming activities.