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Regional Pest Management Plan Annual Report

Regional Pest Management Plan annual reportThe Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) details the plants and animals that are declared pests in the Waikato region. The plan explains why they are pests, and outlines how each pest will be managed over a five year period.

The RPMP Annual Report details the work programmes carried out over the past year. 

You can view or print the current annual report, below.

Annual report 2018/19 [PDF, 11 MB]


  Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 RPMP implementation programmes
1.3 Giving effect to the Plan
1.4 Report format
2 Progress in implementing the plan
2.1 The financials
2.2 Pest plants
2.2.1 Exclusion species
2.2.2 Advisory species
2.2.3 Eradication species
2.2.4 Progressive containment species
2.2.5 Sustained control species
2.2.6 Site-led species
2.2.7 National partnerships
2.3 Pest animals
2.3.1 Eradication species
2.3.2 Progressive containment species
2.3.3 Sustained control species
2.3.4 Site-led species
2.3.5 Advisory species
2.3.6 Regional Priority Pest Control (PPCA)
2.3.7 National partnerships
2.4 Crown RPMP obligations
2.4.1 The Crown, the Biosecurity Act and regional councils' expectations
2.4.2 Department of Conservation (DOC) funded projects - 2017/18
  Appendix 1: Agrichemicals used by the Biosecurity team in implementation of the RPMP
  Appendix 2: VTA toxins used by project in the 2017/18 financial year