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The hearings

The hearing and below information is in relation to Proposed Plan Change 1 Waikato and Waipa River Catchments.


+ Minute from the Independent Hearings Panel re: Hearing Schedule

The Hearings Panel has provided direction to parties ahead of the commencement of hearings.
For more information please refer the notice here(external link).
For information on the proposed 2019 schedule please click here(external link).

+ Notice regarding any Legal, Jurisdictional, or Other Matters

The Hearings Panel wishes to hear from parties, ahead of the hearings commencing, if they have any legal jurisditional or other matters (relating to process matters, not Plan Change content).

For more information read the Preliminary Matters Notice(external link).

Conflict of Interest memorandum regarding Commissioner G Ryder(external link)

+ Hearing Procedures and Directions

For more information please read the Hearings Procedures and Directions(external link).

+ Information Forum 1 - Economic and Science Modelling.

The Hearings Panel has requested that an "Information Forum(s)" be held prior to the hearings commencing for submitters who have raised issues relating to the economic and science Modelling that underpin the proposed Plan Change. The Information Forum(s) will not be formal expert conferencing.

For more information read the Preliminary Notice Information Forum(external link).

The Hearings Panel Chair has provided direction to the parties ahead of the information forum days scheduled for 21 and 22 November.
For more information on the Chair's Direction notice please click here [PDF, 435 KB].  For an agenda for the forum days please click here [PDF, 381 KB].

Following the Forum the Chair of the Hearings Panel has provided direction to the parties.  For more information please click here(external link).

For the Facilitators memorandum to the panel please click here(external link).

To listen to the audio files from the forums, see the below. 

+ Information Forum 2 – Expert conferencing re: Commercial Vegetable Production

The Hearings Panel has requested that Expert Conferencing occur regarding the Plan Change's provisions for Commercial Vegetable Production.
The expert conferencing sessions will be held on the following dates commencing at 9.30 am.

Day 1 – Tuesday 19th of February 2019
Day 2 - Tuesday 5th of March 2019

The venue is the Conference room at Distinction Hotel, Garnett Avenue (Te Rapa) Hamilton.

The Facilitator will be Mr David Hill.

Expert Conferencing regarding the Plan Change's provisions for Commercial Vegetable Production.(external link)

+ Section 42A Report

For more information please read the Section 42A Report. [PDF, 3.2 MB]

If you want to know more about the hearing process, you can click here for further information.

To review the key technical documents for the Plan Change hearings click here.

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