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Make a further submission

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On 20 August 2018, the council released a summary of decisions requested from the 1084 submisisons on Proposed Plan Change 1 and Variation 1. The deadline for further submissions has now passed. 

A further submission is a written statement that allows you to support or oppose other people's submissions. It also gives you the opportunity to consider how a submission may impact you, and to have your views considered by the hearings panel along with the original submission. 

Questions about further submissions and who can lodge them? Read our FAQ

More information about the summary of decisions requested and making a further submission can be found in our Guide [PDF, 683 KB]

Please note: council made the draft summary of decisions requested available on the website in 2017. Edits have been made to the final notified version, including changes to some submisison point ID numbers. 

Read the summary of decisions requested and all original submissions. 

If you make a further submission, you must serve a copy of your submission to the original submitter within 5 days of being lodged with council. You can find the address list for all submitters here.

Submissions closed at 5pm on Monday, 17 September 2018.

If you have questions about the variation or submission process, contact us at council here.