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Story Map - Sub-catchment profiles

Your plan for your place | Tō mahere mo tō rohe

To help you better understand your area, we're producing a series of sub-catchment profiles. They have information on the sub-catchment - where and how large it is - as well as land use, biodiversity and water quality. We are starting with Priority 1 sub-catchments first.

Developing these profiles takes expertise and time. We're using independent biodiversity and soil scientists to help us gather the best information, as well as drawing on the knowledge of our staff.

Moakurarua Story Map website snipPRIORITY 1 SUB-CATCHMENTS

Click to open the profile for your sub-catchment. Please be patient the first time you open a profile - it can sometimes take a few moments. After the first time, however, it will get quicker! 


These profiles will be rolled out online over the next few months.

  • Karāpiro
  • Mangawhero
  • Matahuru
  • Matawara/Mangamingi and Mangaharakeke
  • Torepatutahi
  • Waipapa