Supporting documents for the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan

Community Facilities Framework and regional theatre

The following documents support council’s proposals regarding the Community Facilities Framework and regional theatre:

Community Facilities Framework

Outline of regional theatre proposal

Momentum Waikato – application to Waikato Regional Council Community Facilities Funding Framework

Regional theatre proposal assessment peer review – PWC


Infrastructure strategy and financial strategy

The following documents contain the council’s infrastructure strategy and financial strategy:

Financial Strategy

2018-2067 Infrastructure Strategy


Scene setting information

The following documents contain scene setting information for the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan:

Waikato Regional Council’s 2016-2019 strategic direction

Our region and about Waikato Regional Council

Significance and engagement policy

Fostering the development of Maori capacity to contribute to decision-making


Groups of activities

The following documents contain information about our groups of activities:

Information about our groups of activities including performance measures

Significant negative effects of our activities


Financial and non-financial assumptions

The following document contains the council’s significant financial and non-financial assumptions:

Significant financial and non-financial assumptions


The documents are in relation to our finances:

2018-2028 Revenue and Financing Policy

2018-2028 consolidated financial statements and notes to the accounts

2018-2028 Funding Impact Statements for the whole of council and each group of activities

Disclosure statement on compliance with Financial Prudence Regulations

2018/19 schedule of fees and charges

Draft rates remission and postponement policies

Local Government Funding Agency participation statement of proposal

Information on council controlled organisations:


Tauhei Flood protection scheme

Tauhei Flood protection - update on scheme upgrade options

Matangi Boundary Adjustment

Statement of proposal - Proposed Alteration of the Boundary between the Hautapu and Matangi Drainage Districts

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