Our  proposals



 Use of investment fund returns

 Maintain the rates subsidy, reducing funding for regional development.  


This proposal affects all ratepayers.



 Funding depreciation of our assets

 Changing how we pay for our flood protection assets.  


 This proposal affects ratepayers in the Lower Waikato and Waihou Piako catchments.




 Pest management

 Tackling high risk plant and animal pests. 


 This proposal affects all ratepayers.




 Catchment rates for new works

 Soil conservation, erosion prevention and stream protection works to protect land and water.  


 This proposal affects all ratepayers (varies depending on your catchment).



 Community Facilities Framework

 A new framework for assessing who should contribute to funding regional sports, recreation, cultural and arts facilities.


This proposal affects all ratepayers.  



Regional theatre

 A new home for our artistic and creative communities.


This proposal affects all ratepayers, excluding Hamilton City ratepayers. 

There's more information in the supporting documents.



Regional services fund

 Funding for volunteer emergency services.   


 This proposal affects all ratepayers.




Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service

 Improving transport connections.   


 This proposal affects Hamilton City ratepayers. 



Other topics

If you're affected by any of these issues, you will receive information directly from us.




Water user charges and information gathering fees    


 There's more information in the supporting document.



 Tauhei Flood protection scheme   


 There's more information in the supporting documents.



 Matangi Boundary Adjustment








Kaia talks to councillors about our plan for the next 10 years   



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