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Flood Risk Mitigation Plan

Waikato Regional Council's Flood Risk Mitigation Plan sets out efficient and effective flood risk management for the Waikato region. Flood management aims to prevent floods from happening, or lessen their effects by planning for response and recovery. Risk mitigation plans define the roles of Waikato Regional Council, district councils, and the community in managing the impacts of potential natural hazard events.

Photograph of river flooding

The Waikato region has around 20 large rivers and many small river systems. These combined with steep terrain, low lying flood plains and areas of high rainfall make river flooding one of the Waikato region’s most frequent natural hazards.

Waikato Regional Council's Flood Risk Mitigation Plan aims to achieve efficient and effective flood risk management through:

  • clarifiying the flood management roles and responsibilities of various agencies
  • dealing with the adverse effects of flooding and the management options for minimising them
  • planning for response, recovery, monitoring and review activities.

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View or print Waikato Regional Council's Flood Risk Mitigation Plan from the document below, or order a printed copy of the Plan through our publications pages.

Flood Risk Mitigation Plan
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Table of contents

Executive Summary     i
Acknowledgements     iii
Background and explanation     vii
Principles     viii
1 Risk management   1
2 Reducing adverse effects 7
  Environmental results anticipated 13
3 Response and recovery 15
4 Monitoring and review 17
Appendix I: Summary of actions – allocation of roles 19
Appendix II: Summary of actions – reducing adverse effects 21
Table 1: Roles and Responsibilities 3
Table 2: Integrating Flood Risk Management 5
Table 3: Flood Management Options 12
Figure 1: Planning Framework   x
Figure 2: The Flow of Information and Dissemination 10