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Constituency maps and boundaries

You can either look at the maps below for a broad overview of boundaries, or you can enter your address into our interactive mapping tool. 

Note: These maps were last updated in September 2019

To use the mapping tool

  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the Constituencies list in the right hand menu
  • deselect (un-tick) the constituency type option that doesn't apply (either General or Māori).
  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the required constituency type, and view its boundary colours 
  • enter your address in the Search for address field (top right of screen).
  • The map will then show your property in the correctly coloured location.
  • You can zoom in and out of the map, using the + and - buttons, and move around using the arrow buttons or by click and dragging the map.
Use the mapping tool and enter your address