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Customer Service Charter

On this page: Our commitment, our service standards , our responsibilities, feedback on our services

Our Customer Service Charter - helping us to help you

The charter provides the Waikato Regional Council's rules for customer service. It sets clear measures to help everyone see if we are meeting our customer service standards.

Our commitment

As council staff, we are committed to:

  • being honest, ethical and professional at all times
  • using plain language
  • being helpful and courteous
  • listening to you with respect
  • responding to concerns and enquiries quickly
  • providing a toll free, 24 hour enquiries service
  • responding immediately to high priority pollution incidents
  • where necessary, enforcing rules which protect the environment
  • being cost-effective
  • being transparent and accountable
  • apologising if we make a mistake.

Our service standards

We aim to:

  • respond to telephone and email enquiries within one working day
  • where telephone enquiries are more complex, either make an appointment for you to meet with a staff member or arrange to call you when the information is available
  • acknowledge, and where possible answer, mailed enquiries within five working days
  • attend to you as soon as practicable if you do not have a pre-arranged appointment and, where possible, provide you with information while you wait
  • see you punctually at the scheduled time if you have a pre-booked appointment, whether it is in or out of the office. If there is to be a delay in seeing you, we will keep you informed
  • respond to all high priority pollution incidents immediately and provide you with feedback on the outcome of any pollution incident investigation.

Our responsibilities

As a regulatory body, the council is required by Government to:

  • administer various regulations and uphold the law
  • safeguard the public interest.

These responsibilities may not always match your expectations or wishes. Where there is conflict that cannot be resolved at staff or manager level, further avenues of appeal to the Environment Court may exist. The Ombudsman may also review the Council’s actions. We will be happy to advise you of these procedures.

Feedback on our services

We aim to keep improving our service and seek your evaluation and feedback on our performance. Please contact us(external link) if there are some aspects of our service you believe we have not done well, could do better, or for any reason were not satisfied with.

See our customer promise.

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