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A-Z list of Waikato River Authority projects

Aka Aka Inanga Spawning Habitat Restoration

Classification: Lake River Stream

To reconnect the marae and community with parts of the river that we have utilised for generations, taking responsibility and playing an active role in the restoration of its health and wellbeing.

Information in the My Waikato app(external link).  You can download the My Waikato app from the app store

Read more [PDF, 298 KB]...

Ariki-rua Wetland Construction

Wetland system reconstruction on traditional pa site, to help enhance Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 141 KB]...

Bi-lingual River Guide

A guidebook to facilitate hui and a web page to be used as resources for the community

Read more [PDF, 220 KB]...

Cambridge Tree Trust

Nestled in the 'Town of Trees', the dedicated members of the Cambridge Tree Trust are working to keep the town beautiful, attract the song of native New Zealand birds and support the recreational spaces for the very active community.

Read more [PDF, 230 KB]...

Christine D Forster Planting Project

Enhancing and protecting the Pokaiwhenua Stream

Read more [PDF, 118 KB]...

City gully restoration

The Gully Restoration Programme is a partnership between Hamilton City Council and the community. The aim of this popular programme is to raise an awareness and appreciation of Hamilton's gully systems, and actively promote and enable the physical restoration of this resource.

Read more [PDF, 269 KB]...

Constructed Treatment System on Eastern Lake Ngaroto drain inflows

This Lake Ngaroto project will see the installation of a water treatment system to reduce sediment and nutrients entering the lake.

Read more [PDF, 172 KB]...

Cultural Framework & Monitoring Programme

To establish a cultural framework and operational monitoring programme for the Waikato River

Read more [PDF, 183 KB]...

Cultural Framework for Restoration & Management

To develop a cultural framework based on Te Arawa River Iwi Matauranga

Read more [PDF, 196 KB]...

Cultural Mapping Tool

To protect, restore, assess and improve the health status of Mangaone, Mangaharakeke and Mangaonua Streams

Read more [PDF, 202 KB]...

Dive Squad Clean-Up

To remove car bodies and rubbish from the Waikato River

Read more [PDF, 179 KB]...

Eastern Whangamarino restoration

This is the last stage of a multi year project to restore the Eastern Whangamarino wetland.

Read more [PDF, 165 KB]...

Eel enhancement, Lake Waikare

To access the opportunity for quality eel production from Lake Waikare, by koi Carp reduction regimes

Raed more [PDF, 164 KB]...

Eel enhancement, Lake Whangape

To access the opportunity for quality eel production from Lake Whangape

Read more [PDF, 149 KB]...

Enhancement of Nga Awa Purua Block on the Waikato River Margins - Stage 2

This project involves the ecological enhancement and restoration of a large area of land near the Waikato River in the upper catchment. The work includes the removal of a significant amount of pest trees and other noxious vegetation.

Read more [PDF, 218 KB]...

Evaluation of koura in hydro lakes

To improve the health and well-being of the Waikato River by examining the apparent decline of the koura fishery in the Upper Waikato and the potential causes.

Read more [PDF, 286 KB]...

Gully Restoration Programme 2012

To support and restore privately owned gully areas in Hamilton

Read more [PDF, 189 KB]...

Habitat wetland wastewater treatment

This project aims to showcase a more culturally appropriate treatment of wastewater through the use of habitat wetlands.

Read more [PDF, 444 KB]...

Hamilton city gully restoration

To educate Hamilton landowners about restoration on privately owned gully areas

Read more [PDF, 198 KB]...

Hamilton Gully Restoration Programme

The project involves work to raise an awareness and appreciation of Hamilton's gully systems and actively promote and enable the physical restoration of this resource.

Read more [PDF, 311 KB]...

Harker Reserve Fencing Project

This is a Queen Elizabeth National Trust project to protect Harker Reserve by rebuilding fences and enhancing the area which protects a small tributary of the Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 260 KB]...

Hooker Road Riverbank Restoration

This project will restore a 1.2 kilometre stretch of the Waikato River bank near Mystery Creek.

Read more [PDF, 156 KB]...

Implementation of Waipa Catchment Plan soil conservation schemes

This project will implement several of the goals, strategies and actions listed in the Waipa Catchment Plan.

Read more [PDF, 306 KB]...

International Society for River Science hosting

This is a major international conference on river science being organised by the University of Waikato providing an opportunity to showcase the vision and strategy for the Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 205 KB]...

Investigating manuka-dominated ecosystems to improve water quality

Develop manuka ecosystems to improve the water quality in Lake Waikare.

Read more [PDF, 283 KB]...

J Rogers Planting Project

Protecting and enhancing the Whangapoa Stream

Read more [PDF, 160 KB]...

Kaniwhaniwha Stream Restoration

This project involves riparian enhancement work on the Kaniwhaniwha Stream at Te Pahu.

Read more [PDF, 282 KB]...

Karapiro Catchment - Riparian Planting Project

The aim of this project is to restore and protect an erosion prone area of the Karapiro river system.

Read more [PDF, 170 KB]...

Karapiro Gully restoration Cambridge

This project aims to restore the riparian margins of the lower reaches of the Karapiro Stream

Read more [PDF, 182 KB]...

Kimihia Restoration Project 2011

To restore and enhance the Kimihia catchment

Read more [PDF, 249 KB]...

Kimihia Restoration Project 2012

To continue to restore and enhance the Kimihia catchment

Read more [PDF, 209 KB]...

Kimihia Restoration Project

To restore health to Lake Kimihia and Kimihia Stream, a tributary of the Waikato River that has been adversely affected by mining, farming and forestry within its catchment

Read more [PDF, 323 KB]...

Lake Koromatua restoration programme

To clean the waterway and surrounding reserve at Lake Koromatua

Read more [PDF, 178 KB]...

Lake Maratoto Restoration

Lake Maratoto is a 16ha peat lake located 10 km south of Hamilton City. The lake drains into Mystery Creek before flowing into the Waikato River. 46 ha of lake and surrounding wetland vegetation have been legally protected by a QEII National Trust Open Space Covenant since 1983.

Read more [PDF, 375 KB]...

Lake Milicich, Hendersons Pond and Lake Ngarotoiti Restoration

Improve lake water quality and restore and increase indigenous riparian margins of Lakes Milicich and Ngarotoiti and Henderson's Pond.

Read more [PDF, 209 KB]...

Lake Moana nui wetland restoration

This project aims to improve the biodiversity linkages between the Waikato River and its tributories and to improve the quality of the water from the Matarawa Stream by reducing silt and the inflow of nutrients to the waterway.

Read more [PDF, 161 KB]...

Lake Ngahewa catchment wetland restoration

Wetland restoration, including improvin the water quality of Lake Ngahewa by fencing off two wetland areas to prevent entery of livestock

Read more [PDF, 268 KB]...

Lake Ngaroto - Riparian Planting and Pest Fish Removal

This project involves improving the environmental state of one catchment to make a positive long term contribution overall to improving the health and wellbeing of Te Awa O Waikato.

Read more [PDF, 250 KB]...

Lake Ohinewai - Lower Waikato peat lake restoration

This project by Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ)is to support restoration of peat lakes in the Lower Waikato River catchment. CVNZ’s vision is to bring local communities together to carry our practical restoration projects on key sites at Lakes

Read more [PDF, 212 KB]...

Lake Otamatearoa and Parkinsons Lake restoration

This project involves the protection and plantings for Lake Otamatearoa and Lake Parkinson in the lower end of the catchment.

Read more [PDF, 189 KB]...

Lake Rotongaro riparian restoration

This is a project to restore an area of riparian margin on the shores of Lake Rotongaro.

Read more [PDF, 157 KB]...

Lake Rotoroa Blue/Green Algae Project

Reducing Hamilton Lake’s nutrient status, thereby reducing the probability of blue-green algae.

Read more [PDF, 209 KB]...

Lake Waahi collaborative restoration

To improve the health and wellbeing of Lake Waahi

Read more [PDF, 244 KB]...

Lake Waahi wetland restoration - Waikokowai arm

Protect, restore and enhance a 6ha wetland in the Waikokowai arm of Lake Waahi.

Read more [PDF, 239 KB]...

Lake Waikare Koi Carp Digester Unit

The development of a demonstration site where Koi Carp can be caught, harvested and processed.

Read more [PDF, 224 KB]...

Lake Waikare Northern Foreshore Enhancement Phase 2

This project is centred on the northern foreshore of Lake Waikare where some restoration work has already begun on wetland areas.

Read more [PDF, 255 KB]...

Lake Waikare shoreline planting

This project involves a riparian planting project along a one kilometre section of Lake Waikare southern shores near the Matahuru Stream and the Nikau Farm Estate.

Read more [PDF, 264 KB]...

Lake Whangape restoration

This project is concentrated on the restoration of a riparian margin on Lake Whangape.

Read more [PDF, 305 KB]...

Lake Whangape southern arm planting project - Phase 2

Native planting and weed control in the riparian buffer of the lake.

Read more [PDF, 228 KB]...

Lower Mangapiko Stream care

To improve the water quality of the Lower Mangapiko stream by encouraging land owners to permanently exclude stock from all waterways.

Read more [PDF, 300 KB]...

Lower Mangapiko Stream Care Group 2016

This is the latest project in the on-going restoration of the lower Mangapiko Stream between Te Awamutu and Pirongia.

Read more [PDF, 310 KB]...

Lower Mangapiko Stream Riparian Restoration

A community led project for landowners near the Mangapiko Stream

Read more [PDF, 167 KB]...

Lower Waikato peat lake restoration

This project by Conservation Volunteers New Zealand is to support restoration of peat lakes in the Lower Waikato River catchment.

Read more [PDF, 320 KB]...

Lower Waikato priority restoration

This project is to complete two new priority restoration projects on the main stem of the Waikato River and surrounding inflowing catchments, including the Mangawara Stream, Te Onetea Stream, Opuatia Stream, and in/outlfows of the lower Waikato lakes.

Read more [PDF, 195 KB]...

Lower Waikato Riparian Restoration

To restore a riparian ecosystem on one of the margins of the Lower Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 190 KB]...

Lower Waipa River Riparian Project

This involves riparian planting on a range of terrain, stream size and farm type, so farmers within the lower Waipa River Catchment and Waikato River Catchment can easily visit these "showcase sites".

Read more... [PDF, 236 KB]

Lower Waipa River Riparian Project

To plant 100,000 native trees per annum in the Lower Waipa River Catchment

Read more [PDF, 236 KB]...

Mangakotukutuku Stream Restorations

To restore and protect the Mangakotukutuku Stream

Read more... [PDF, 231 KB]

Mangakotukutuku Stream Restorations

To extend on the Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group's development plan upstream in Peacockes Road.

Read more... [PDF, 189 KB]

Mangakotukutuku Stream development

The project is a collaboration between the Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group, the Waikato Regional Council and three farm owning entities (referred collectively to as Golden Valley Farms).

Read more [PDF, 160 KB]...

Mangakotukutuku Stream Restoration (Rukuhia)

This project seeks to establish appropriate indigenous riparian vegetation on 4km of the main stem of the upper Mangakotukutuku Stream (Rukuhia tributary).

Read more [PDF, 190 KB]...

Mangakowhiriwhiri Stream Wetland Restoration Project

Restore a wetland at the base of the Mangakowhiriwhiri Stream, where it enters Lake Whakamaru.

Read more [PDF, 262 KB]...

Mangamingi Stream Restoration

A physical restoration project on the margins of the Mangamingi Stream

Read more [PDF, 180 KB]...

Mangaonua Stream - wetland reconstruction

Restore and protect the health and wellbeing of the Mangaonua catchment.

Read more [PDF, 184 KB]...

Mangaonua Stream Gully restoration

The projects involves improving the Waikato River water quality through the establishment of native plants on the Mangaonua Gully System which will filter the water as it enters the waterway and minimize subsidence in the gully.

Read more [PDF, 192 KB]...

Mangaotama Wetland Restoration

The Mangaotama Wetland Restoration project aims to restore a 30 hectare wetland near Ngahinepouri.

Read more [PDF, 175 KB]...

Mangapiko Stream Restoration (continued)

This project represents a continuation of the very successful community led project involving the Lower Mangapiko Streamcare Group, local landowners, agencies and industry who live along the Mangapiko stream downstream of Te Awamutu. The Mangapiko stream runs between the townships of Pirongia and Te Awamutu.

Read more [PDF, 306 KB]...

Mangapu River Riparian Restoration

To undertake riparian enhancement work on the Mangapu River at Oparure.

Read more ... [PDF, 396 KB]

Mangatea Catchment Restoration Project

This is a project to restore the Mangatea Stream and its tributaries including a number of wetlands.

Read more [PDF, 264 KB]...

Mangati stream restoration

This project is able to proceed with permission gained from the neighbouring land owners to clear the Mangati stream all the way out to the river. Finally reconnecting the old trade route and allowing inanga access again. We would like to clear the stream by hand and where possible to use a digger .

Read more ... [PDF, 264 KB]

Mangati Stream Restoration

The project aims to support the choked and disappearing Mangati Stream, turning it once again into an important part of the biodiversity of the northern channels of the lower Waikato River.

Read more ... [PDF, 413 KB]

Mangawara oxbow wetlands

This project involves the physical restoration and planting of three sites. One near the Huntly water treatment plant on the Waikato River and the other two on the Mangawara Stream.

Read more ... [PDF, 201 KB]

Maniapoto Fisheries Plan

To provide the protection, restoration and enhancement of the fisheries resources of the Waipa River catchment for present and future generations through customary practices that are consistent with the tikanga and kawa of the Maniapoto iwi.

Read more ... [PDF, 255 KB]

Maniapoto Pa Stream Restoration

This project’s primary objective is to restore and protect the health and wellbeing of the Mangaone Stream which is a tributary of Te Awa o Waikato.

Read more ... [PDF, 339 KB]

Maniapoto Taonga Register Project

Protect and preserve sites within "Area C" that are of significance to Maniapoto Iwi to prevent them from damage or destruction.

Read more ... [PDF, 191 KB]

Maniapoto Tiaki Taiao Tool - Cultural Health Indicator Project

Build whanau and hapu capacity and capability to contribute to the restoration and protection of the Mangaokewa Stream.

Read more ... [PDF, 269 KB]

Maniapoto Tuhonohono - connecting people and place with matauranga

Restoring iwi relationship with te awa o Waip

Read more ... [PDF, 378 KB]

Matahuru Wetland restoration

The overarching purpose of this restoration project is the restoration of the ecological and cultural values of the Matahuru Wetland on the shores of Lake Waikare, in order to make a significant contribution to the restoration of the lake ecosystem itself.

Read more ... [PDF, 221 KB]

Matakitaki Pa Reserve Phase 1

To provide visitor access through to the Waipa River and Mangapiko Stream

Read more ... [PDF, 178 KB]

Matakitaki Pa Reserve Phase 2

To restore margins of the Waipa River and tributaries in the vicinity of Pirongia Village.

Read more ... [PDF, 193 KB]

Maungatautari Wetland Restoration

The Maungatautari Wetland Restoration Project will deliver three separate native wetlands, in 2.5ha of ephemeral and perennial streams, within and adjacent to existing dairy farming pasture in Maungatautari.

Read more ... [PDF, 319 KB]

Maurea Marae River Entrance Restoration and Access Enhancement - Stage I

A project to undertake Waikato River access and planting near the entrance to the Maurea Marae.

Read more ... [PDF, 173 KB]

Meadow Walk Project 2011

To restore an area of the Waikato River, located near Cambridge Primary

Read more ... [PDF, 183 KB]

Meadow Walk Project 2012

To extend Cambridge Primary School's riverbank enhancement project from the previous year and make the area recreationally/leisurely useable

Read more ... [PDF, 197 KB]

Moakurarua River Restoration Project

The Moakurarua River has been identified as a Priority 1 catchment within the recently released Waipa Catchment Plan.

Read more ... [PDF, 275 KB]

Moanatuatua peat bog restoration

?Restoration of a 4ha area of peat bog next to Moanatuatua Scientific Reserve, Waipa District

Read more ... [PDF, 269 KB]

Motu Kakaho Island Restoration Project Phase 2

This is a whitebait habitat restoration project on Motu Kakaho island near the mouth of the Waikato River.

Read more ... [PDF, 265 KB]

Native Tree Planting

Trees for Survival Trust in collaboration with the Waikato Regional Council will expand its operation by recruiting schools to grow native trees

Read more ... [PDF, 255 KB]

Natural Areas Stream Restoration Programme

To protect streams within the City by controlling pest plants, supporting native biodiversity and filtering storm water

Read more ... [PDF, 203 KB]

Ngatamariki Scenic Reserve/Lower Oraknoui Stream Restoration Plan

Development of a restoration plan focused on Ngatamariki Scenic Reserve with consideration of the Lower Orakonui Stream catchment.

Read more ... [PDF, 240 KB]

Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa Iwi project planning

This project involves existing environmental undertakings as new initiatives to build iwi capacity in understanding, planning and implementing cultural & environmental projects within the Waikato catchmen.

Read more ... [PDF, 172 KB]

Orakei Korako/Red Hills Wilding Pine Control

To undertake wilding pine control within the Orakei Korako/Red Hills.

Read more ... [PDF, 261 KB]

Oranga Lake Restoration

To improve the water quality and habitat of the University’s Lakes – Oranga and Knighton

Read more ... [PDF, 201 KB]

Oruanui Farm Restoration Project

This project aims to make a difference by building capacity at Oruanui by educating whanau about protecting and restoring wetlands, streams and whenua

Read more ... [PDF, 293 KB]

Peacockes Riparian Restoration Project

A restoration project on the Mangakotukutuku Stream in a habitat for threatened and endangered native fish species.

Read more ... [PDF, 165 KB]

Pest Plant Eradication

This project involves 49 schools in the clearing of the embankment along the Waikato River from Tuakau to the Bombays.

Read more ... [PDF, 235 KB]

Pokaitu Wetland - Tahunaatara catchment

Read more ... [PDF, 164 KB]

Provision of trees for riparian planting in the South Waikato

This project builds on the existing work that has been undertaken over the past ten years by the South Waikato Environmental Initiatives Fund to provide additional trees for riparian planting.

Read more ... [PDF, 289 KB]

Raukawa Environmental Management Plan

To develop the Raukawa Environmental Management Plan

Read more ... [PDF, 240 KB]

Raukawa Fisheries Plan - Stage 1

To develop a Raukawa Fisheries Plan for Catchment B of the Waikato River

Read more ... [PDF, 256 KB]

Raukawa Fisheries Plan - Stage 2

To develop the second stage of the Raukawa Fisheries Plan for Catchment B of the Waikato River

Read more ... [PDF, 272 KB]

Resthills Park - Mangakotukutuku Stream Restoration

This is a collarborative community project which proposes to restore appropriate indigenous riparian planting on a 520m reach of a tributary of the Mangakotukutuku Stream in Resthills Park, which is a Hamilton City Council owned sports field located in Glenview, Hamilton.

Read more ... [PDF, 151 KB]

Restoration from willows through underplanting

This initiative is a series of indigenious planting trials under willow canopy along the banks of the Waikato River and Waahi Stream near Huntly.

Read more ... [PDF, 296 KB]

Restoration initiatives in the Waikato Catchment - a summary

This project is aimed at improving understanding of where ecological restoration projects and intiatives are being undertaken across the entire Waikato (including the Waipa) River Catchment.

Read more ... [PDF, 183 KB]

Restoration of the Matahuru Wetland Lake Waikare - Stage 2

Restoration of the Matahuru Wetland on the shores of Lake Waikare.

Read more ... [PDF, 187 KB]

Restorations of Lake Ngaroto

To develop a cost integrated management plan for the restoration of Lake Ngaroto.

Read more ... [PDF, 169 KB]

Riparian Plant Selection Tool

To extend the awareness and use of the 'Planting Wheel’ which was created in 2011, by doing an outreach programme with rural professionals.

Read more ... [PDF, 312 KB]

Riparian Planting Information

To develop science information into a tool that identifies the best planting solution for landowners

Read more ... [PDF, 227 KB]

Riparian Restoration

To establish stream bank and flood stabilisation on Hamilton streams

Read more ... [PDF, 212 KB]

Riparian Restoration on the Lower Waikato River

To restore riparian ecosystems at three key sites in the Lower Waikato River Catchment

Read more ... [PDF, 193 KB]

River Island Restoration

Restoration of a significant River Island – Te Takapuu o Waikato

Read more ... [PDF, 201 KB]

River restoration and access at Otorohanga

This is a series of projects to improve the water quality entering the Waipa River, providing for eel passage and improved recreational access to the river.

Read more ... [PDF, 290 KB]

River ride and planting Ngaruawahia South

To build a community asset to enhance peoples experience with the river, both organisations share very similar goals and outcomes.

Read more ... [PDF, 237 KB]

Riverside Schools Planting

To coordinate and facilitate riverbank school planting on the banks of the Waikato and Waipa Rivers

Read more ... [PDF, 211 KB]

Rotomanuka Lakes Community Restoration Action Plans

To develop a Community Catchment Restoration Action Plan

Read more ... [PDF, 298 KB]

St Peter’s Dairy Farm Environmental Education & Monitoring Project

This project presents an opportunity to establish a demonstration dairy farm, environmental education and monitoring programme and wetland at St Peter’s School, Cambridge on the banks of the Waikato River.

Read more ... [PDF, 272 KB]

St Peters Riparian Planting

This project is a continuation of riparian planting undertaken by St Peter's Cambridge in assocation with the Ngati Haua Mahi Trust (NHMT).

Read more ... [PDF, 156 KB]

St Peters School Riparian restoration

This project’s primary objective is to restore and protect the health and wellbeing of a catchment and wetland system, a tributary of Te Awa o Waikato. Ngati Haua Mahi Trust (NHMT) is working in close partnership with St Peters School on this project.

Read more ... [PDF, 332 KB]

St Peters wetland planting

This project seeks to enhance a wetland area within St Peter College in association with Ngati Haua Mahi Trust.

Read more ... [PDF, 166 KB]

Stream and wetland enhancement in South Waikato

This project aims to improve the biodiversity linkages between the Waikato River and tributaries in the South Waikato district.

Read more ... [PDF, 160 KB]

Stream restoration Waikeria Prison

Waikeria Prison is set amongst three large dairy units. Throughout the farms run approximately 20km of waterways including 9.5 kms of the Mangatutu Stream and 7.5 kms of the Waikeria Stream with the balance in small tributaries.

Read more ... [PDF, 295 KB]

Sustainable Farm Project

This project aims to reduce the environmental footprint of farming systems and thereby improve the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River.

Read more ... [PDF, 211 KB]

Sustainable Milk Plans - Upper Karapiro

This DairyNZ project involves implementing sustainable milk plans on 700 dairy farms in the Upper Karapiro to enable a better environmental outcome.

Read more ... [PDF, 395 KB]

Tangirau Wetland Restoration

Project to fully protect and restore the Tangirua wetland.

Read more ... [PDF, 248 KB]

Taupiri streams restoration plan

This project involves the development of a Management Plan that will restore and protect Waikato River tributaries starting at Taupiri Maunga.

Read more ... [PDF, 171 KB]

Te Arawa Fisheries Plan

The development of a fisheries plan for the Te Arawa River Iwi

Read more ... [PDF, 255 KB]

Te Arawa River Iwi Environmental Management Plan

To research and develop the Te Arawa River Iwi Environmental Management Plan

Read more ... [PDF, 245 KB]

Te Awa o Waikato - Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa cultural history

Installation of interpretive signs and information at sites of significance for Ngati Tahu - Ngati Whaoa on the Waikato River.

Read more ... [PDF, 212 KB]

Te Awa River Ride

This is the latest in a number of individual stages for the Te Awa River Ride undertaking and this particular project involves the link between the Avantidrome and Cambridge.

Read more ... [PDF, 153 KB]

Te Awa River Ride - Avantidrome to Mystery Creek section

This is a continuation of the Te Awa River Ride project and involves the creation of the section of the cycleway from the Avantidrome near Cambridge to Mystery Creek.

Read more ... [PDF, 177 KB]

Te Awa River Ride - Ngaruawahia to Horotiu Section

Te Awa River Ride Charitable Trust is building a 70km cycleway which travels along the banks of the Waikato River from Ngaruawahia to Horahora. This path is called the Te Awa River Ride.

Read more ... [PDF, 271 KB]

Te Awa River Ride in 2011

To create access to and along the Waikato River with the Te Awa River Ride

Read more ... [PDF, 184 KB]

Te Awa River Ride in 2012

To provide access to inaccessible parts of the Waikato River through the River Trails

Read more ... [PDF, 166 KB]

Te Awakoura Restoration Project

This project involves the Motiti Marae restoring and protecting Te Awakoura by undertaking riparian planting and fencing work along the banks of Te Awakoura waterway. Work will take place over two years and will see native planting strips along the river banks and waters.

Read more [PDF, 208 KB]...

Te Papa / Mangati whitebait habitat restoration project

A continuation of whitebait habitat restoration work on the Muir farm property at Ake Ake

Read more [PDF, 192 KB]...

Te Toke Forest Wetland Restoration

This wetland restoration will maintain and enhance the ecological values of natural areas within Te Toke Forest and facilitate the long-term enhancement of the ecological health of the area.

Read more [PDF, 244 KB]...

Totara Downs

Totara Downs is a 180ha dairy support farm-lease grazing block located in Mangakino, 40 kilometres west of Taupo. The property borders the Pureora Forest Park on the Western edge of the Atiamuri Ecological District. An unnamed tributary of the Mangakino Stream, which drains into the Waikato River, runs through the farm.

Read more [PDF, 217 KB]...

Tuakau Whitebait and Eel Habitat

Restoration of 10 hectares of wetland on Fish and Game Council land near Tuakau

Read more [PDF, 185 KB]...

Tühonohono Project (Te Onetea Stream to Waikare)

Address stream bank instability and arrest bank loss into the Te Onetea stream.

Read more [PDF, 249 KB]...

Tunaeke Stream Riparian enhancement 2

A long term wetland and riparian planting project in the upper reaches of the Waipa catchment on the Tunaeke Stream.

Read more [PDF, 187 KB]...

Turangawaewae Marae Riverbank Restoration

Project Vision•To keep river related traditions alive (ahi kaa – keeping the home fires burning);•To enhance spiritual, cultural and recreational connections to the River;•To improve physical access to the River for all tangata whenua to use and enjoy, and;•To support the Vision and Strategy of the Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 296 KB]...

Upper Mangatutu Stream Restoration

This project seeks to stabilise and enhance a 3km stretch of the Mangatutu Stream.

Read more [PDF, 349 KB]...

Vegetation Management near Huntly

To remove exotic invasive vegetation from the west side of the Waikato River, from the Parry Street boat ramp at Huntly downstream for three kilometres.

Read more [PDF, 194 KB]...

Waahi Stream Riparian Enhancement

To enhance riparian activities on Waahi Stream, Huntly.

Read more [PDF, 201 KB]...

Waikare Urupa Restoration

Restoration and protection of urupa.

Read more [PDF, 228 KB]...

Waikato Ballance Farm Environment Awards Programme

The Ballance Farm Environment Awards (BFEA) recognises and celebrates good farm practices which promote sustainable land management through an annual awards programme which is now run in 10 regions throughout New Zealand.

Read more [PDF, 245 KB]...

Waikato River Restoration Report Cards

To create report cards which will measure the success of current and future Waikato River restoration actions

Read more [PDF, 217 KB]...

Waikato River Restoration Strategy

This project is a partnership between DairyNZ and the Waikato Regional Council and will provide the long term foundation and framework for all other organisations involved with Waikato River restoration activities.

Read more [PDF, 374 KB]...

Waikato River Trails - River Enhancement

To provide access to inaccessible parts of the Waikato River through the River Trails

Read more [PDF, 257 KB]...

Waikato River Trails Riparian restoration

A continuation of planting and riparian enhancement on the Waikato River Trails.

Read more [PDF, 165 KB]...

Waikato River Trench Restoration - Aratiatia Track Below Huka Falls

Read more [PDF, 262 KB]...

Waikato shallow lake restoration - Phase 1

Restoration of water quality of Waikato shallow lakes - pilot project

Read more [PDF, 236 KB]...

Waikato Waipa Restoration Strategy

The development of a masterplan for the restoration of the Waikato and Waipa River catchments.

Read more [PDF, 179 KB]...

Waikato-Tainui Resource Research, related to the Waikato River

To undertake research pertaining to the protection, restoration, health and wellbeing of the Waikato River.

Read more [PDF, 232 KB]...

Wai-o-tapu weed management

Maintenance of wilding pine within the reserve to protect and enhance Wai-o-tapu's geothermal values.

Read more [PDF, 237 KB]...

Waipa Catchment Afforestation Feasibility Study

This project will enable farmers in the Waipa Catchment to make better decisions on forestry planting to improve environmental outcomes.

Read more [PDF, 190 KB]...

Waipa Catchment Kahikatea Fragment Enhancement

Enhance and protect existing kahikatea stands

Read more [PDF, 238 KB]...

Waipa Catchment Plan

A Waikato Regional Council project to develop a 20 year Waipa Catchment Plan

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Waipa Rerenoa - River Restoration Project

Waipa Rerenoa River Restoration Project is a project focused on the Waipa River starting at Te Keeti Marae and restoring both sides of the Waipa River upstream for 6km. The Mohoanui Stream is a tributary of the Waipa River and it will also be part of this restoration project.

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Waipa Sustainable Milk Plans

The dairy industry is committed to supporting on-farm changes that will contribute to desired water quality outcomes and demonstrate to policy-makers and the general public the benefits of this collective, industry action.

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Wairere Stream enhancement - Maniapoto

This project will enhance the Wairere Stream, Maniapoto Cave - Te Anaureure and its water source and its environment.

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Waiuku Whitebait Habitat Restoration 2012

To support the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River by saving the disappearing Mangati Stream near Waiuku.

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Water Quality Model

To develop a cost effective model to assess water quality based on contemporary and traditional maatauranga Maori methods

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Wetland inventory and restoration potential

Wetlands are widespread natural filtering ecosystems. Wetland types range from freshwater bogs, fens, swamps and springs/puna to salt marshes and estuaries. Over the past 100 years wetlands extent has significantly reduced in the Waikato. Wetlands continue to decline in spite of the RMA and regional planning rules.

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Wetland Restoration Te Pahu

This stunning showcase in Te Pahu will be an exemplar of best practice for dairy farmers in New Zealand. This three year project (2015-2017) will retire 31 ha of land from grazing by restoring a 22 ha gully wetland and riparian planting another 9 ha of land adjacent to the Paratawa Stream, a tributary of the Waipa River.

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Wetland showcase for farm nutrient attenuation

This 2-year project integrates (1) the development of seepage and constructed wetland to reduce agricultural contaminant loading to the Ngutuwera Stream (Pokaiwhenua/Upper Waikato Catchment); and (2) extension of practical knowledge on wetland development and practicality to a mixed stakeholder audience of Waikato dairy farmers, Iwi and the wider community.

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Whakapipi and Tuataenui riparian restoration

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Whangamarino Biodiversity Restoration

To restore marginal farmland into high quality and productive wetland habitat

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Whangamarino Wetland - Identifying interventions to protect and restore the Whangamarino Wetland

Identify interventions to protect and restore the Whangamarino Wetland.

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Wharekorino Wetland Enhancement Project

Restoring Wharekorino wetland area.

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Willow and alder management

This project will develop a set of guidelines that encompasses different scenarios in an easy to read format that will assist in the management of willow and alder across the catchment.

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WRA Farmers Ballance Award

To establish an award in the Ballance Farm Awards for the Waikato River Authority to recognise their funding efforts

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WRRT Environmental Management Plan

To develop a comprehensive Waikato-Tainui Environmental Management Plan

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Yellow Flag Iris Eradication

To eradicate Yellow Flag Iris between the Tainui and Rangiriri Bridges

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