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Summary report

Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) – Tupuranga Waikato (April 2016)

Follow the link to see the report: Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato: 2016 Summary (PDF 636kb)

This summary report provides an overview of the results of the Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato (WPI) monitoring programme. The WPI is a ‘dashboard’ of 32 environmental, social and economic indicators. Together they provide a broad picture of how well our region is doing and the extent to which we are making progress across a wide range of contributing factors. 

This 2016 WPI update compares the latest results for each of the WPI indicators with their 2007 baseline results, measuring regional progress over approximately 7-8 years to date. Around half of the WPI indicators also have historical data going back to 2001 or earlier, giving a longer-term view where available. The aim is to inform the Waikato public, planners and decision-makers of genuine progress against key indicators of wellbeing.

The March 2016 data update incorporates a number of WPI indicator changes to harmonise where appropriate with other monitoring programmes (refer Appendix 1). This includes changes that allow better regional and national comparisons around people’s surveyed perceptions of personal safety, health and physical activity. Additional background and technical information about the WPI is available from Waikato Regional Council (e.g. Killerby and Huser 2014).

Development of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) (August 2014)

Follow the link to see the report: Development of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI)

This report summarises the results from research undertaken throughout 2013-14 as part of the development of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) programme. The aim was to learn from national and international good practice to inform the development of a comprehensive assessment of economic, environmental and social wellbeing conditions and trends for the Waikato region.

Other information

  • Check out our scorecard to see at progress at a glance for each indicator’s trend within the Waikato region – and check out our ‘circles of wellbeing’ diagrams to make a comparison at a glance on how our region is doing in relation to the rest of New Zealand.
  • More detailed information is available on each indicator’s report card.
  • Read stories from people living in our region.
  • For detailed technical information, see our data sheet

Click here to view report cards

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