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Tui Mine clean up underway

Tui Mine clean up underway

The work to clean up the contaminated Tui Mine on the slopes of Mount Te Aroha is due to get underway on Tuesday, 26 October, as all pre-work consent conditions have been met.

The consent conditions that needed to be met before work could start included the development of traffic management, environmental management and communication plans. These plans have been developed and approved by the consenting authorities.

This first phase of work includes plugging the lower mine shaft with a concrete bulkhead, building water control structures in the upper levels and injecting lime slurry to reduce the volume of mine discharges from the old mine workings, reduce heavy metal release and neutralise the acidity of discharges.

The planned works, on land owned by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Matamata-Piako District Council (MPDC), will reduce the volume of heavy metal-contaminated water and acid rock drainage (ARD) flowing from the old mine workings into the Tunakohia Stream.

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