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Landcare groups

Lake Cameron Care Group in action
Lake Cameron caregroup in action

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Landcare groups are about local communities taking action to address environmental issues in their area.

Landcare groups

Landcare groups are partnerships where local people work together to take action on local environmental issues. People find that being part of a landcare group helps them to get support from a range of organisations and sponsors. It also helps with motivation, as a group effort has a much greater impact than working alone and it is more fun.

Common issues addressed by landcare groups include water quality, soil erosion, pest management and biodiversity. Waikato Regional Council can help groups with facilitation, technical advice and information, and can also provide financial assistance.

Landcare in the Waikato

We have large amounts of natural resources in the Waikato region, and although rural and land-based businesses need to be profitable, it is also important they are sustainable. Landcare groups provide a structure for communities to take control of environmental issues themselves, allowing them to find solutions and take action.

Landcare groups carry out a range of projects including:

  • stream fencing and planting
  • plant propagation
  • water quality monitoring
  • bush protection
  • pest management
  • walkway construction
  • biodiversity

See our map to find out about landcare groups in the Waikato region.

What is the Landcare Trust?

The New Zealand Landcare Trust supports sustainable land management initiatives through community involvement. The trust is governed by representatives from the agricultural sector as well as outdoor recreation and environmental interest groups.

Find out more about the New Zealand Landcare Trust.

How you can get involved

Think about starting your own group if there aren't any landcare groups in your area already. Are there any environmental issues in your area that need addressing? Do local streams need to be protected from stock? Are waterways degrading in quality? Is the local bush in your area slowly dying from from introduced browsing pests?

Find out if anyone else in your area feels the same way. Start talking to neighbours, friends and family. What would they like to see done to help the local environment? What do they think could be improved?

Think about who else needs to be involved in a local landcare group. Contact groups such as hunters, fishermen, horse riding groups, farmers and your local marae.

How much support have you got out there? By gauging the level of interest you can determine whether it is worthwhile calling everyone together for a meeting.

If you decide it is worthwhile, get in touch with Waikato Regional Council. We can help you to arrange and run a facilitation session with interested people to discuss landcare ideas.

Find out more

Contact us for more information about landcare.

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