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Volcanic lahar zones

The Waikato region’s volcanic eruptions can produce lahars, or streams of boiling mud, which can flow over wide areas, affecting people, animals and plants living in their paths. Use our map to find out about volcanic lahar zones in the Waikato region and check out the current status of Mt Ruapehu's crater lake.

The map below shows the probability of a lahar originating from Mount Ruapehu’s crater lake occurring in a given area within a certain number of years - a ‘recurrence interval’. A one-in-one hundred year interval (1:100) poses the greatest risk, while a one-in-fifty thousand year interval (1:50,000) shows the least risk. You can also download a topographical copy of this map (showing land form information) in PDF format below.

Map of volcanic lahar zones in the Waikato region





























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PDF format

You can download a topographical version of this map from our PDF file below. This version of the map has additional landform information.

Lahar Hazard Zones map
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