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What are we doing?

Waikato Regional Council are involved in a number of key areas in order to reduce the risk from flooding.  These are outlined below:

Development of regional hazard management policies, strategies and plans

  • Development of the Flood Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Long Term Council Community Plan
  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management Plan
  • Flood Risk Management Strategy 2009 click here for more information
  • Site-specific hazard mitigation plans
  • River and Catchment Services Zone Plans
  • Input into sustainable development initiatives
  • Regional Plan

Provision of information, advice and advocacy

Regulatory mechanisms

  • Waikato Regional Plan
  • Statutory process advocacy
  • Waikato River High Flow Management Plan

Community liaison, support and partnerships

  • River and Catchment Liaison and Land Drainage Sub Committees
  • Site specific community hazard response support
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Landscare groups

Physical works

  • Soil conservation - management of numerous schemes with a total land retirement of more than 11,000 ha
  • River management - keeping the channels clear
  • Flood protection - minimising damage to urban and rural communities
  • Pest control - contributes to catchment stability
  • Riparian plantings.

Hazard warning and response

  • Flood warning and management
  • Provision and maintenance of response plans

Public awareness and education

  • Regional hazards website
  • Provison of information to the public
  • Public awareness surveys
  • Publications

Research support

  • Waikato River hydrology
  • Climate change adaptation 

For policy information on how Waikato Regional Council manages flood risk, check out the Regional Policy Statement.