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Natural hazards in the Hauraki district

Natural Hazards in the Hauraki district

The Hauraki district is similar to many areas of New Zealand in that it is subject to a number of natural hazard risks. Our present understanding of natural hazards within the district stem from a number of sources including:

• Local knowledge and experience – particularly with river flooding, coastal flooding, and severe storm events
• Detailed investigations of specific hazards
• River flood engineering, mapping and surveying work
• General hazard studies such as earthquake risks
• The regional hazard risk analysis completed as part of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan 

The Hauraki district is particularly at risk from geological and meteorological based hazards. An assessment of the probability and the effects of natural hazard events can be based on:

• Knowledge of the history of past occurrences

• Comprehensive hazard analysis

Significant natural hazards that currently pose either an existing or potential threat to the Hauraki district and its communities (forming the basis of this section) are:

1. River and stream flooding

2. Coastal erosion and flooding

3. Severe storm

4. Earthquakes

5. Tsunami

6. Volcanic eruptions

7. Debris Flows

While our present knowledge and understanding is limited, the impacts from the hazards listed above could all have significant impacts on the district in various ways. 

Useful Documents

An Overview of Natural Hazards in the Hauraki District - Including a qualitative risk assessment [PDF, 7.1 MB]

Piako River Scheme Asset Management Plan [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Waihou River Scheme Asset Management Plan [PDF, 450 KB]