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  Services » Regional Services » Regional hazards and emergency management » Coastal hazards including tsunami » Coastal flooding » Coastal inundation tool » Pre-defined water level scenarios

Pre-defined water level scenarios

These pre-defined water level scenarios are a quick reference to commonly used water levels.

Water level scenarios for specific areas around the Waikato region's coastline have been provided based on tide levels, storm tides and projected sea level rise. The pre-defined water level scenarios provide water level estimates for the Present Day and with future projected sea level rise. The Present Day values are coastal water levels that are valid for the next approximately 10 years representing:

  • Mean High Water Spring Tide
  • Maximum High Tide
  • Lower Storm Tide
  • Upper Storm Tide 

The Future Projected water level values are simply the addition of 0.5 m and 1.0 m to the Present Day values. The pre-defined Levels do not include Sea Level Anomaly. Pre-defined water level scenarios for specific areas are provided through the links below. All water levels are relative to Moturiki Vertical Datum 1953 (MVD – 53).

Coromandel East Coast  l  Coromandel West Coast  l  Firth of Thames  l  West Coast




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