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Environmental education

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Environmental education

Waikato Regional Council supports environmental learning through a range of education programmes and resources. Environmental education aims to develop awareness, understanding and a sense of commitment towards the environment. It should also help students to develop environmentally responsible attitudes and a commitment to help keep our environment a safe and secure place for future generations. 

Find out more about environmental education from the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE (external link) ).

Resources for teachers and students

Check out our webpages and factsheets for current information about the region’s natural resources. Our factsheets provide information about a range of environmental issues, suitable for school projects and assignments.

Waikato Regional Council has a range of resources available for teachers in our region. Check out our classroom units, which link straight into the curriculum, as well as our range of stimulating classroom activities

Educating the community

Waikato Regional Council works with community groups to help them put in place better environmental practices. We also provide resources and technical information to community groups involved in environmental restoration projects. Find out how we work with:

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Kids voting

Kids Voting gives year nine students the opportunity to participate in an authentic voting experience. Students vote for real candidates, on a real ballot paper, and compare the results from the kids election with the results of the real election.

Kids Voting is designed to raise awareness among young people about New Zealand's electoral processes. In New Zealand, as in most developed democracies, voter turnout is falling and levels of political engagement are low among young people. Building first-hand experience of active participation by young people will increase their personal understanding, belief and confidence in electoral participation.

Visit the Kids Voting website (external link)  for more background information.This website provides you with information about Kids Voting.

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