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Two springs are still depositing sinter at the Reporoa Geothermal System. Land drainage for farming has lowered the water table, stopping other springs from regenerating sinter deposits.

Natural features

Photograph of hot springs, Reporoa

  • Hot springs and pools, steaming ground, sinter deposits, mud pools and seepages.

  • There are large numbers of the rare fern Christella sp. 'thermal' at Golden Springs.

This field may be connected to the Waiotapu field.


Reporoa is classified as a Research Geothermal System by Waikato Regional Council. Land drainage for pasture is ongoing. In one area, the drainage has lowered the water table and springs are unable to reach and regenerate sinter deposits.

The outflows of two springs are still depositing sinter. One has its outflow diverted to a channel, so the sinter apron around the spring is not being regenerated.