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Rare geothermal plants are present at Mokai. A 110 megawatt power station is now operating at the Mokai Geothermal System as well as a 12 hectare geothermally heated glass house and a milk drying plant.

Natural features

Mudpool, Mokai

  • Hot springs, mud pools, steaming ground, seepages.
  • Weakly sinter-depositing chloride springs.
  • A rare mud geyser.
  • Prostrate manuka and the fern allies Lycopodium cernuum and Psilotum nudum are present, as well as at least 200 specimens of the rare fern Christella sp. 'thermal'.


The Mokai field is classified as a Development Geothermal System by Waikato Regional Council.

There has been stock damage to springs and native plants. A 55 megawatt power station commenced operation in 2000, and a 40 megawatt power station was added in 2005, followed by a 16MW upgrade in 2007.

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