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ABOUT THE HAMILTON HALO PROJECT: Find out more about the work we do and who's involved in this project.

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REPORT A NATIVE BIRD SIGHTING: Let us know if you see a korimako, kākā, kererū, tūī or kārearea in the Waikato region!

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TUI: Many tui visit the city over winter (May to August) looking for food. Until recently, only one tui fledgling had been recorded in Hamilton.


BELLBIRDS: Bellbirds are only found in New Zealand, and until recently had not been seen in Hamilton for more than a century.

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KERERU: The kereru is New Zealand’s only surviving native pigeon and they are currently fighting for survival.

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MOREPORKS: Moreporks live in a range of habitats throughout New Zealand, however, little is known about urban morepork populations.

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GARDENER'S GUIDE: Planting suitable plants for native birds is essential for their return.

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PEST CONTROL: Find out more about the pests that threaten native birds, and how to control them.

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HAMILTON HALO MAP: Take a look at the actual Hamilton Halo and the work being done.

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NEWS: See the latest news, reports and research relating to the Hamilton Halo project.

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RESOURCES: See factsheets and related resources around the Hamilton Halo project.

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FIND US ON FACEBOOK: Check out the Hamilton Halo Facebook page for more updates from us!

Native birds such as tui and bellbirds were once abundant in the area where Hamilton stands. Due to introduced pests (rats and possums) and loss of habitat and food sources, many of our native birds are rarely seen in our city. The Hamilton Halo project aims to bring native birds, such as tui and bellbirds, back into Hamilton city. The 'Halo' is a ring drawn around Hamilton, taking in key sites where tui breed. The halo's radius is approximately 20km, as this is how far tui will fly to feed.



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