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Educational qualifications

Why we monitor educational qualification

Photograph of university student graduating

Peoples' educational qualifications have implications for their environmental awareness and for local industries. An increase in the region’s educational skill base may allow greater diversification of the region’s economy. Such an increase may also raise regional awareness of environmental concerns through increased understanding of the issues involved.

This indicator monitors the educational qualifications of people in our region and the distribution of those qualifications between districts.

What's happening?

In 2013, the educational qualifications of people in our region were slightly lower than the New Zealand average. This could affect the adoption of new technologies and establishment of new industries in the Waikato region, as new businesses may choose to locate in regions with a more highly skilled workforce.

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    More information

    More detail on this indicator, including how and where Waikato Regional Council collects this information, is available in the Technical Information page.

    When this indicator is updated

    The indicator is updated every five years. The next update is due in 2019 using results from the 2018 Census.

    Contact at Waikato Regional Council

    Social Scientist - Science and Strategy Directorate