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Waikato Regional Council adopts a ‘whole of catchment’ management approach, working with landowners, stakeholders and communities in the different catchment zones to achieve multiple benefits of:

  • more stable rivers and catchments
  • reduced sedimentation of rivers, harbours and estuaries
  • promotion of land and water sustainability
  • improvement or maintenance of water quality
  • improvement or protection of biodiversity.

Be on the front foot

Policy currently being developed could affect how you farm in the future. Keep an eye on our page for updates and tips on how to be prepared. 

Upper Waikato dairy support study: environmental impact, mitigation effectiveness and associated cost

Dairy support is a significant land use in the Upper Waikato catchment, and is an essential component of both the dairy and drystock industries. However there has been little work carried out to understand its environmental footprint and how the impact of dairy support can be mitigated.
Waikato Regional Council contracted a case study of farms in the catchment that are considered to be representative of businesses undertaking dairy support activity. 

The study and analysis aims to identify the following:

  • The base level of nitrogen leaching, phosphorus run off and sediment and micro-organism losses from dairy support farms/dairy support blocks in the Upper Waikato.
  • Mitigations that will reduce the environmental footprint from dairy support units – specifically nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and microbial impacts on water quality.
  • Possible on-farm mitigations to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and microbe losses, and to quantify the financial cost of implementing those mitigations.

Click here to read the report

Healthy Farms News

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