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Tui Mine remediation in pictures

Level 4

Unacceptable levels of mercury
were found in the ore and the mine
became uneconomic. The mine was
abandoned in 1975.

Level 5

Norpac Mining Ltd operated Tui Mine
as an underground base metal mine
between 1967 and 1973.

Northern branch of Tunakohoia Stream

The northern branch of the Tunakohoia
Stream was contaminated with heavy
metals leaching from the old
underground workings and tailings.

Silt control

Environmental controls included silt
traps lilke this, preventing run off into
Tunakohoia Stream.

Limestone slurry
Limestone slurry injected into the old
underground workings to help reduce
acids and heavy metals draining from
the mine into nearby waterways, and
neutralise the acidity of the discharges.

Rail access

Rail access was established for
locomotives to carry materials.

Ex situ stabilisation

Ex-situ stablisation.

Untreated tailings

Untreated tailings.
Using in-situ and ex-situ methods,
cement and lime was mixed to the
tailings to reduce the acidity and
harden the material, turning it into a
solid and stable landform.

Removing old tailings

Removing old tailings dam.

End of project celebration

The successful conclusion of the 
remediation project was celebrated
on 1 May 2013.

Environment Minister and Scott Fowlds

Environment Minister Hon Amy Adams
with Waikato Regional Council's river
and catchment services manager,
Scott Fowlds.

Environment Minister at celebration

Among the guests was Environment
Minister Hon Amy Adams, local Members
of Parliament, community leaders
and contractors.