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The story so far

Image of Tui mine
The Tui Mine site, 2009

The story so far

The Tui Mine story started in 1967. Norpac Mining Ltd opened the mine to extract metals, including copper, lead and zinc. The company found gold and silver among the ore, and the mine prospered. Then unacceptable levels of mercury were found in the ore and the mine became uneconomic. Norpac abandoned the site in 1973 and went into liquidation in 1975. Unlike today, mining companies in Norpac’s time were not required to provide an environmental performance or rehabilitation bond. When Norpac abandoned the mine, there was no money, nor an organisation that could be held accountable, to pay for the rehabilitation of the site.

In mid-2007, money from the Ministry for the Environment’s Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund was earmarked to start the clean up of Tui Mine.

Since then the project partners have invested time, money and effort in planning to ensure the best long-term environmental outcomes and reduced ongoing maintenance costs for the remediation project.

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