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Imagine a future

Imagine a future…

Imagine the site 10 years from now: grassed areas and healthy native plantings of flaxes, hebes, toetoe have transformed the blighted area to a popular heritage park. Trampers use the site as a meeting point; school pupils come to the heritage park to learn about the area’s rich industrial and social history; family groups use the grassy picnic area; and from time to time the grassed area amps up for use as a concert venue.

These are only ideas for possible future uses of the site. Details about uses for the site, public access and ongoing management of any recreational facilities will be developed and agreed by the Department of Conservation, Matamata Piako District Council, local landowners and iwi.

It’s important to emphasise the site will never be pristine but it will be greatly improved. To enable public use in the future, a carefully-designed cap of earth, clay and plants will cover the tailings to provide a safety barrier between people and the mine waste.

Ongoing maintenance and monitoring will make sure the site remains environmentally and structurally safe.

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