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flooding flooding

WHAT ARE NATURAL HAZARDS? Find out about natural hazards and what we're doing about them.


hazards portal tile hazards portal tile

WAIKATO REGIONAL HAZARDS PORTAL: Your one-stop shop for spatial information about our region's hazards.

kawhia coastal flooding jan 2017 weather event kawhia coastal flooding jan 2017 weather event

COASTAL INUNDATION TOOL: See our coastal areas that are at most risk of flooding.


civildefence.png civildefence.png

CIVIL DEFENCE: Stay informed when you need it most - visit the website here.

flood room general flood room general

FLOOD WARNINGS AND UPDATES: Visit our virtual flood room for the latest information.

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WHAT'S HOT? Find out the latest news about hazards in the Waikato and New Zealand.

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QUIZZES: Check out our range of hazard quizzes and test your knowledge!

flooding flooding

RIVER FLOODING: Learn more about flooding risk areas, mitigiation and management.

rain4 rain4

RIVER LEVELS AND RAINFALL: View our latest readings across all our monitored sites.

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COASTAL HAZARDS: Learn more about erosion, flooding, storms, climate change and tsunami.

drought drought

DROUGHTS: Find out more about the potential impacts of droughts, and how we're helping.

earthquake earthquake

EARTHQUAKES: Learn about how earthquakes happen and what you can do to be prepared.

geothermal scenery tile geothermal scenery tile

GEOTHERMAL ACTIVITY: Geothermal areas can be hazard hot-spots - learn more here!

landslide landslide

LANDSLIDES: Learn about the different kinds of landslides and how we monitor them!

debris debris

DEBRIS FLOWS: Find out more about debris flows and how to safely manage them.

oilspill1 oilspill1

OIL SPILLS: Learn how to clean up after an oil spill and what we're doing to help.

soil4 soil4

SUBSIDENCE: Find out what subsidence is and why it can be hazardous.

lake taupo3 lake taupo3

LAKE TAUPO EROSION AND FLOOD STRATEGY: Find out about our joint programme.

tsunami3 tsunami3

TSUNAMI: Learn about how tsunamis develop and how we're working to keep you safe and reduce the risk.

Regional Hazards

The Regional Hazards Team's aim is to identify, collate, analyse and provide regional scale hazard information to stakeholders, the general public and Civil Defence Emergency Management agencies. Our main goal is to ensure the risks from hazards are reduced over time and that sound decision making results in respect to current and future development of hazard prone areas. The team is involved in everything from flood warning, to oil spills in our oceans.

Effective hazard planning shapes the places where people live, work and play. It plays a key role in supporting Waikato Regional Council’s strategic direction for supporting sustainable communities.


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