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Marine pests

Image - Clean below? Good to go

Marine pests, like Mediterranean Fanworm, Eudistoma, and Asian paddle crab are a real threat to the coastlines we all love. They can have a big impact on our environment which then impacts our favourite past times like fishing, diving, and cruising.

Pests are spread by dirty bottomed hulls. Most skippers clean their hulls to make sure these nasty pests don’t invade our favourite marine destination.


Image of fanworm on the bottom of a hull (Photo: on the bottom of a hull - photo:

 Clean hulls are:

  • more efficient in the water
  • use less fuel
  • keep your boat maintained and above all else
  • protect our native species like scallops, paua and mussels from hideous pests like Fanworm.

Check out the PDF on haul out facilities in the upper north island [PDF, 143 KB]

Clean below? Good to go

Heading out on the boat this summer? Make sure your hull has had the once over.

Because cleanliness is always next to boatiness. Check out for more information. 

Image - Logo: Clean below? Good to go

Better rules to stop marine pests? 

The four northern-most regions are considering a consistent regulatory approach to managing marine pests. Find out more.