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Safe mooring tips

Image showing moorings in WhitiangaHere’s some tips and ideas for mooring owners and renters to help prevent any mooring mishaps happening.

Rental moorings

Be sure that any boat using your mooring is inside the consented length and is of suitable type for that mooring.

Type of swingers

  • The type of vessel you put on a mooring is important to consider, especially if you are considering a catamaran rather than a mono-hull. Mono-hulls tend to swing and point into the tide, while cats often swing and point towards the wind.
  • Moorings are often close enough that adjacent boats will swing into each other if they’re not pointing in the same direction. I’ve experienced a situation where a mooring owner loaned his mooring to a friend with a cat. The cat surged around and punched a hole in another boat as well as doing some damage to itself.

Contact the local harbourmaster. They can provide you with the maximum vessel length for a specific mooring. Keep a clear record of contact details, vessel size and payment terms of those using your mooring.

Above-the-water ropes and buoys

  • Consider adding a float mid head-rope to prevent it tangling when left for longer periods.
  • Ensure floats are visible at all times.
  • Ensure the head rope is protected from wear by checking that the rope protector is in place and won’t slip out of position.

Below-the-water care

  • Check depth regularly as a depth change may require a structure change to keep the mooring safe.
  • If the mooring is heavy then the bottom chain may be getting buried so pull up on the chain to free it from the sea bed.
  • Have your mooring inspected every three years by a recognised mooring service provider.

Finding it

  • Be sure to locate your mooring on your plotter.
  • Adding it to your phone’s mapping app or chart means you’ll be able to find it even if your boat navigation goes down.



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