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Resources for teachers

Waikato Regional Council has a range of resources available for teachers in the Waikato region. We provide curriculum linked classroom units, information about our natural environment, and workshops for professional development. Find out more about what Waikato Regional Council offers for teachers.

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Classroom units

Check out our Classroom Units for environmental education programmes that link straight into the curriculum:

  • Rivers and Us unit.
  • Coasts and Us unit.
  • Stream Sense - a water quality catchment monitoring programme.

Classroom activities

Check out our Activities pages for stimulating and different activities to keep your class motivated. Activities are organised by environmental themes.

Trees for Survival Trust

The Trust encourages other community groups to sponsor and support schools to grow trees and plant them on eroded land. The Trust has developed a unit about preventing soil erosion called 'Saving our Soils'.

Be active in environmental education! Develop a growing unit in your area and create a sustainable environment for the future. Check out the Trees for Survival website.

Reduce - reuse - recycle

Become more environmentally friendly by installing the environmental '3 Rs' in your school. There are simple things you can do to help by using the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). Find out more about how you can help to reduce waste.

See the Auckland Council's website