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Lodging your application

Check your application

It pays to carefully check your application before you send it in. If your application is missing information it may not be accepted by the Council and it will be sent back to you with a letter explaining what else we need. Or, your application may be placed on hold until you provide the requested information.

Make sure your application clearly explains your proposal and make sure you include the appropriate fee or deposit when you lodge it.

Applications can be lodged by

Please note: The incoming email limit is 10MB. If your email with application attached is larger than this limit, please send it to us using a OneDrive link or other appropriate link.

Processing your application

All resource consent applications go through an initial ‘review’ checking process. We check to see that you’ve:

  • completed, signed and dated the correct application form/s
  • provided all the required information (as per the relevant form)
  • paid the correct deposit.

After we review your application it’s entered into our resource consents database and processed. You will be sent a letter confirming receipt of your application, including information on costs, timeframes, whether your application will need to be notified, who will be dealing with your application and their contact details.

If we decide your application is incomplete, we will return it to you within 10 working days, along with an explanation for our reasons for doing so.

  • If you still want your application to be considered, you will need to address any deficiencies and re-submit your application.
  • If you disagree with our decision that your application is incomplete, you can lodge a formal objection.

If your application is considered complete, we will begin assessing your proposal and make a decision whether to grant or decline. Click here to find out more about the process.