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Fees and levies

Applicable fees and levies


There are a number of items associated with any existing, or proposed dam building project that requires input from your regional council and/or the Building Control Authority responsible for administering the Building Act 2004 (the Act). These items may include the following:

  • Project Information Memorandum application (PIM).
  • processing of building consents
  • inspection process
  • code compliance certificates (CCC)
  • compliance schedule and warrant of fitness (if containing specified systems).

Cost recovery for Building Act functions by Waikato Regional Council’s is based on the principle of ‘user pays’. This means that for your dam project, all costs associated with this project. This includes all costs involved in assessing and processing your application, whether your application is granted or refused.


All building consent applications will require a deposit at the time the application is lodged with the Waikato Regional Council (see table 1) unless agreed otherwise.

Consent costs (e.g. building consents, PIMs, and code compliance certificate applications)

As noted above, costs incurred by council in processing applications will be recovered on a full cost recovery basis. Therefore due to the scale, complexity and specialist design features associated with each dam project, the costs associated with processing individual building consents will vary greatly.

Some of the items that will or may contribute to the costs of your application may include:

  • administrative costs (includes the officer’s time per hour (see table 2), plus any direct costs including disbursements
  • development contributions (where applicable, these will be identified on your PIM from your local council)
  • regulatory fees and charges such as Ministry of Business Enterprise and Innovation (MBIE) levies (these apply to all work valued at $20,000 or more). Currently the BRANZ levy is $1 per $1,000 and the MBIE levy is $2.01 per $1,000.  Where the consent is staged, the payable levy is assessed on the total project value.
  • processing costs associated with engaging specialist consultants on a cost recovery basis
  • interim invoices seeking progress payments of costs incurred may apply where an application/inspection process takes more than one month
  • additional costs where applicable, including items such as travel, copying/scanning documentation.

Inspection costs

When your building consent is issued, the Waikato Regional Council will determine the number of inspections required based on the planned work.

Consultants acting for the Waikato Regional Council will undertake the inspections with their direct costs being charged to the consent holder on an ‘actual and reasonable costs’ basis.

Other fees and charges

Where additional charges and fees are required, these will be on the basis of recorded time spent on the application and other costs such as travel and general administration where applicable. 


All fees and charges are reviewed annually and are available on this website.

Table 1: Deposits on applications (incl GST)

Cost of dam construction projectPIM depositBuilding consent depositCertificate of acceptanceAmendment to Compliance schedule
Dam – above $100,000 value $1000 $4000 $4000 $1000
Dam – $20,000 to $100,000 value $750 $2000 $2000
Dam – $0 to 20,000 value $500 $1000 $1000

Table 2: Charges for council staff services

Work typeCharge rate/hour
Resource Use Directorate managers $165
Building Act Officer $135

Method of fee and levy payments for consents, inspections and code compliance certificates?

Apart from deposits, all payment requests to council will be invoiced to the applicant. Details for Direct Credit will be included on individual invoices.


Deposits should be paid by Direct Credit Payment method below, however if this is not available to you or you wish to pay via an alternative method (e.g. cheques, etc) please contact us on our Freephone 0800 800 401for further details.

Direct Credit Payment

If paying by Direct Credit please use the following details and please remember to complete the Payer particulars and reference sections as this will help us identify your payment.

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