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Waikato River water quality monitoring programme: data report 2017

TR 2018/24

Report: TR 2018/24

Author: Asaeli Tulagi

About this report

To effectively manage water quality, the Waikato River monitoring programme addresses the
following questions:
1. What is the quality of the water now?
2. Why is the water of the observed level of quality?
3. Is water quality getting better or worse? If so - what makes it change?
4. How can we improve the quality, ecological health and integrity of the Waikato River?

The report provides information on:
Routine monthly monitoring of water quality at 10 sites:
• Year 2017 summary data tabulated by parameter for each location and reported with
the median of the previous 5 years.
• Key parameter graphs showing the average water quality for 2017 at each location,
compared to results of the previous 5 years.
• Summary tables identifying the number of samples meeting ‘satisfactory’ and
‘excellent’ water quality standards and guidelines.
• Raw data for 2017.

Read or download the report

Waikato River water quality monitoring programme: [PDF, 949 KB] Data report 2017


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Report content
1.3 Water quality guidelines and standards
2 The Waikato River monitoring programme design
2.1 Sampling collection
2.2 Sample locations
2.3 Water quality parameters
2.4 Quality control, data storage and analysis
2.5 Reports
3 Results
3.1 Waikato River monitoring programme
Routine water quality monitoring
Summary statistics
Key Parameter graphs
Comparison with water quality standards
Raw data 6