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Waikato progress indicators - Tupuranga Waikato: summary update July 2018

TR 2018/17

Report: TR 2018/17

Author: Beat Huser and Paul Killerby

About this report

This document summarises latest results from the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) – Tupuranga Waikato monitoring programme, updated in July 2018.

The WPI is an online dashboard of 32 environmental, social and economic indicators. It provides a valuable tool for monitoring regional progress, including progress towards Waikato Regional Council’s Strategic Direction 2016-2019 goals for a healthy environment, strong economy and vibrant communities.

This update compares the latest available results for each of the WPI indicators with 2006-07 baseline results, enabling regional progress to be assessed over a decade period. Around half of the WPI indicators also have historical data going back to 2001 or earlier, giving a longer-term view. The aim is to inform the Waikato public, planners and decision-makers of genuine progress against key indicators of wellbeing.

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Waikato progress indicators - Tupuranga Waikato: summary update July 2018 [PDF, 1.6 MB]


1 Purpose
2 Latest results
2.1 Indicator report cards
2.2 Waikato region scorecard
2.3 Circle of wellbeing
2.4 Comparison of Waikato with other regions and New Zealand
3 Economic trends
4 Social and cultural trends
5 Environmental trends
6 Overall progress (experimental indexes)
7 Next steps
Appendix 1: Review of WPI indicators
Appendix 2: The Waikato Progress Indicators
Appendix 3: WPI time series data 2001 t0 2016-17