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Wise Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer: Technical Specifications Version 1.4


Report: TR 2016/16

Author: Waikato Regional Council et alia 

About this report

Creating Futures was a 4-year project (2006-2010) funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. The project brought together an interdisciplinary team consisting of a regional council and social, environmental and economic researchers. The project aimed to develop new methods and tools to support integrated, long-term planning by 1) developing processes to evaluate, deliberate, and choose regional futures through scenario analysis and multi-criteria deliberation frameworks, and 2) developing an integrated spatial decision support system (ISDSS), dubbed the Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer or WISE, to support the evaluation and deliberation processes. Together those tools were designed to help councils identify links and explore trade-offs between economic, environmental and social/cultural outcomes and the cumulative effects of many decisions over space and time.

This report outlines the technical specifications for WISE Version 1.4.WISE is an integrated framework designed to help examine weakly structured or unstructured problems characterised by many actors, many possibilities, and high uncertainty. WISE (version 1.0) was originally developed under objective 2 of the Creating Futures project to support and facilitate a range of integrated, long-term policy development and planning processes undertaken by Waikato Regional Council, in particular the development of regional policy and planning under the Resource Management Act, long-term council community planning

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Wise Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer
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  WISE overview
  Project and client
  Future development
1 Introduction
2 WISE specifications
3 Model descriptions - reader's guide
4 GEONAMICA framework - RIKS
5 Climate change scenarios - CLIMsystems
6 Hydrology - NIWA
7 Waikato region Economic Futures Model (EFM) - Market Economics
8 Water quality - NIWA
9 Zoning tool - Waikato Regional Council
10 Whole of Waikato (WOW) population model - NIDEA
11 Residential Demands model - RIKS 
12  Land Use Change - RIKS
13 Terrestrial biodiversity - Landcare Research
14 Future development