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Mapping residence times in west coast estuaries of the Waikato region

Report: TR 2016/19

Author: Dougal Greer, Ed Atkin, Shaw Mead, Tim Haggitt and Sam O'Neill (eCoast)

About this report

Quantifying residence times in estuaries (i.e. how long water is retained within different partsof these water bodies) can improve our understanding of the fate of discharges withinestuarine systems. Until now, relatively little work has been undertaken to investigate howlong water takes to flow through estuaries on the Waikato region’s west coast. This reportdescribes the development of a methodology, or proof-of-concept, for mapping residencetimes in the seven largest estuaries along the Waikato west coast, namely Waikato Riverestuary, Whaingaroa (Raglan) Harbour, Aotea Harbour, Kawhia Harbour, Marokopa Riverestuary, Awakino River estuary and Mokau River estuary.

Read or download the report

Mapping residence times in west coast estuaries of the Waikato region.
(20 MB) 

Two page summary report
(900 KB)


  Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Residence Times
3 Sensitivity Analysis
4 Discussion
5 Conclusions
6 Acknowledgements
7 References
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