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Influence of sample collection method on determination of trace element concentrations

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Report: TR 2015/35

Author: Jo Cavanagh (Landcare Research)

About this report

This project was undertaken to assess the influence of sample collection method on measured concentrations of a suite of trace elements.

Five different methods assessed. Method significantly influenced concentrations of some individual analytes, although there was no consistent trend. Use of different sample methods increases the variability in concentration at a given site. This increase in variability may mask trends and relationships with other soil parameters.

Samples should be collected using a consistent method to minimise variability between sample results obtained at different sites and at different times.

Read or download the report

Influence of sample collection method on determination of trace element concentrations (PDF 1MB)


  Summary v
1 Introduction 1
2 Methods 1
2.1 Sampling 1
2.2 Statistical analyses 3
3 Results 3
4 Conclusions 11
5 Recommendations 11
6 Acknowledgements 11
7 References 11
  Appendix 1: Concentrations of individual trace elements 13
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