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A field guide to the vegetation associations of the Taupō Volcanic Zone

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Report: TR 2015/32

Author: M Smale and N Fitzgerald

About this report

The Taupō Volcanic Zone runs from Mt Ruapehu in the Waikato to White Island/Whakaari in the Bay of Plenty. It includes most of New Zealand’s surface geothermal features and most of its geothermal vegetation. Geothermal vegetation occurs at some 90 sites on 25 geothermal fields in the zone. 

Currently, there are several classifications of geothermal vegetation based on observation only, with widely varying numbers of associations (recurring plant community types of characteristic species composition and structure). Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regional Councils and Ministry Of Business, Innovation and Employment commissioned Landcare Research to develop a robust, objective classification of geothermal vegetation types in the Taupō Volcanic Zone.

Landcare Research has randomly sampled geothermal vegetation and aspects of the environment on 15 geothermal fields, and produced an objective classification of geothermal vegetation in the Taupō Volcanic Zone.  It comprises 17 vegetation associations, all but two of them confined to geothermal sites and all but one of them dominated by native species.  This field guide, which accompanies the classification report, can be used to identify those geothermal vegetation types.

Read or download the report

A field guide to the vegetation associations of the Taupō Volcanic Zone


The sites
The plants
The vegetation
The associations
Campylopus introflexus mossfield
Campylopus pyriformis mossfield
Carpet grass grassland
Prostrate kānuka / thermal clubmoss fernland
 Hypolepis ambigua fernland
 Hypolepis distans fernland
 Mānuka shrubland
 Prostrate kānuka-mingimingi shrubland
 Prostrate kānuka / Campulopus pyriformis shrubland
Mānuka-mingimingi-prostrate kānuka/bracken-inkberry-ring fern shrubland
Prostrate kāunuka scrub
Mingimingi scrub
Mingimingi-prostrate kānuka/inkberry scrub
Wheki/inkberry treefernland
Kānuka / (Coprosma rhamnoides-mingimingi-prickly heath) treeland
Kāmahi / mingiminig-prickly heath-bracken forest
Glossary of plant names
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