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Ecological indicators for geothermal vegetation and habitats in the Waikato region

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Report: TR 2015/10

Author: Wildlands Consultants Ltd

About this report

Geothermal ecosystems are one of the most threatened and sensitive ecosystem types in New Zealand and the Waikato region.

Simple and robust indicators are required, to provide relevant and timely information on changes over time. This report provides a comprehensive set of indicators, based on extent, condition, and landscape context.

Each indicator is associated with a five-point scale by which the status of each indicator can be assessed. Indicator rating thresholds should be reviewed once monitoring has been implemented to ensure they are relevant and meaningful. The indicators can be assessed as part of an ongoing monitoring programme, which can be implemented at various levels of intensity, and frequency.

Read or download the report

Ecological indicators for geothermal vegetation and habitats in the Waikato region (543kb)


1 Introduction 
2 Methods
3 Extent
3.1 Area of identified geothermal SNAs
3.2 Area of legally protected geothermal SNA
3.3 Scale
4 Condition
4.1 Indigenous dominance
4.2 Vegetation and habitat structure and composition
4.3 Species diversity
4.4 Threatened, uncommon, and characteristic species
4.5 Direct human activity
4.6 Pest plants
4.7 Pest animals
5 Landscape context
5.1 Connectivity and buffering
5.2 Landscape pattern
5.3 State of hydrological regime
6 Data capture and quality
7 Indicator set
8 Assessment frequency
9 Conclusion
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